Waters: Trump Questioning My IQ Is ‘Racist’

President Trump has questioned Mrs. Waters' intelligence, something any reasonable individual would do. Since she is black, that automatically makes it a racist comment according to Waters. That's nonsense as she has plenty of white compatriots such as Nancy Pelosi about whom the same remark might be made. But if it sells to her supporters, truth is just a plastic construct that can be shaped into any form most helpful to her.

Here's a clip from MSNBC which will help you determine just how wacky Maxine Waters really is.

Mrs. Waters and the truth are strangers. For example, she claims she has never run across a president who has been called “a liar” as much as President Trump. Apparently, her memory does not extend back to the Clinton administration.

And it's a pointless remark. If we are to take those who call President Trump “stupid” seriously, what would Waters have us do about those who make the same claim about her? Would she also have us believe that Hillary really is as much of a criminal as her opponents allege? After all, plenty of people make that claim.

Waters maintains her position because she is an exponent of identity politics. Unable to frame a proper rebuttal to the proposals of President Trump, she just plays the race card and demands his impeachment.

Neither of the above requires much intelligence. So we can evaluate the accuracy of the president's suggestion that Waters needs an IQ test based on her own words.

Source: MSNBC



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