Water Samples Across US Found to be Toxic, in Violation of EPA Limits

While this number may seem rather small considering the sample size, the fact that even this many samples of water were found to be potentially toxic in a first world, industrialized nation like the US should really alarm Americans. It is especially concerning when one realizes that even developing countries have stricter standards than the Environmental Protection Agency when it comes to water:

“EPA limits, by the way, are much higher than what the United Nations requires for third world nations. So even water the EPA declares to be ‘safe' for Americans to drink may be considered unfit for human consumption in places like Somalia. (How's that for a little factoid you didn't expect?)

The fact that we are seeing 2.5% of water samples contain illegally high heavy metals indicates that tens of millions of Americans are right now consuming toxic water across America. Make sure one of them isn't you. Use a Big Berkey gravity water filter to remove nearly all toxic elements from your water before drinking or cooking with it.

More water testing is under way at CWC Labs, so keep sending municipal water samples if you'd like them tested. You can find instructions and our mailing address at this link on EPAwatch.org.”

Source: Natural News



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