Watchdog Group Finds Evidence Of Double Voting in 21 States

Watchdog Group Finds Evidence Of Double Voting in 21 States

After taking office, President Donald Trump formed a commission to look into voter fraud and determine better ways to protect the integrity of the vote.

He signed an executive order on May 11 creating the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Vice President Mike Pence serves as chairman and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is vice chair. The group held its first meeting on July 19.

Speaking to the commission, President Trump emphasized the importance of “upholding the integrity of the ballot box and the principle of one person, one vote.”

Immediately left-wing groups and Democrat politicians criticized creation of the commission, insisting as always there is no voter fraud and that the president just wants to suppress minority voting.

If there is no voter fraud, why aren't leftists supporting the commission to prove they’re correct?

A Florida-based non-profit watchdog group has just released a study indicating widespread instances of “double voting” in 21 states.

Learn what “double voting” is and how it might be spreading across the United States, along with other fraudulent methods.   Find out on the next page how the group uncovered the voter fraud and its mission going forward.

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