Watch: Voting Machine Hacked in 60 Seconds

Watch: Voting Machine Hacked in 60 Seconds

Remember all of the times the federal government and the liberal media have mocked and jabbed at Republicans and Conservatives for saying the voting system is rigged? They promised the voting system in America is fair and that their machines couldn't be tampered with. In the video on the next page, not only are they proven wrong, but it's also demonstrated how simple it is to do it.

Let's face it, the American voting system is flawed and controlled. The evidence is obvious. Look at the recent tampering of Republican votes that were intended for Donald Trump being transferred to Marco Rubio. Or how about the Bernie Sanders campaign workers voting for Sanders in states that they don't live. Then there's the programmer who testified under oath that he was hired to rig elections.

The evidence is blatantly obvious. Last year, it was discovered that voting machines in Chicago were rigged to always vote democratic. One such machine was even caught on camera performing this dirty deed.

See a voting machine get hacked on the next page.

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