Watch Latest Hillary Stand-up: “I’m a ‘No-Excuse Person'”

Watch Latest Hillary Stand-up: “I’m a ‘No-Excuse Person'”

During a speech in Cleveland this week, Hillary Clinton filled the ears of her audience with contradiction, hypocrisy and a bit of irony all in the form of a push for more “technical, vocational education.” While, at first thought, you might be thinking that it's not such a bad idea, but consider her motivations. Her sudden care for blue collar workers doesn't stem from genuine concern, but instead comes from a play to please her donors, who happen to run many of the unions that control blue collar workers. That fact aside, it's the speech itself that's somewhat baffling.¬†According to the words being spewed from Hillary's mouth, she's a “no-excuse person.”

Go ahead and laugh . . . get it out of your system.

Okay, now we can move on.

If you'll recall, Hillary spent a better part of her the email investigation, making excuses like “I didn't know the material was classified” or “I didn't do anything wrong.” Or how about Benghazi? Apparently she didn't know the attack was going on and it was started by a YouTube video, or my personal favorite, it was “spontaneous terrorism.”

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