Wasserman-Schultz Planned to Pay IT Thief After He Fled US

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has once again proven that you don't need to be smart to be a member of Congress.  In her capacity as the Democrat National Committee Chairman, she was roundly criticized for having rigged the Primary in favor of her buddy, Hillary, so that poor Socialist Bernie Sanders had not an ounce of a chance to every be the nominee.  After all, Hillary had paid her dues after being ripped off the first time around when the Party of the Jackass decided that Barack Hussein Obama was smarter, more popular, and prettier than she was.

Wasserman-Schultz has once again landed in trouble with her seeming unending ability to get wrapped up in illegal goings-on.  There comes a point when you just have to bow out quietly and ride off into the sunset with your handsome pension, healthcare benefits and perks (like $100K speaking fees) and forego getting into any other felonious entanglements.

It seems that the U.S. Representative from Florida, however, is addicted to being in trouble as she continues to grapple with investigators over the Awan brothers and their illegal activities inside the Capitol building.

Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz seemingly planned to pay cyber-probe suspect and IT aide Imran Awan even while he was living in Pakistan, if the FBI hadn’t stopped him from leaving the U.S. Monday. Public statements and congressional payroll records suggest she also appears to have known that his wife, a fellow IT staffer, left the country for good months ago — while she was also a criminal suspect.

In all, six months of actions reveal a decision to continue paying a man who seemingly could not have been providing services to her, and who a mountain of evidence suggests was a liability. The man long had access to all of Wasserman Schultz’s computer files, work emails and personal emails, and he was recently accused by a relative in court documents of wiretapping and extortion.

Records also raise questions about whether the Florida Democrat permitted Awan to continue to access computers after House-wide authorities banned him from the network Feb. 2. Not only did she keep him on staff after the ban, but she also did not have any other IT person to perform necessary work that presumably would have arisen during a months-long period, according to payroll records.

In her infinite capacity for idiotic choices of statements, Wasserman-Schultz opted to excuse her little faux-pas by claiming that she opted not to let Awan go when he had been identified by Capitol police as a possible national security threat because she felt that it was “just an anti-Muslim profiling” thingy going on.  Oh, of course!  How silly of Speaker Paul Ryan to contact the Capitol police and halt three brothers from access to Congressional computers who were ILLEGALLY VIEWING DOCUMENTS OF A NATURE THAT INCLUDED NATIONAL SECURITY, INTELLIGENCE, COUNTER-TERRORISM, NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE, AND FINANCE, ENCRYPTION, AND THREAT ASSESSMENTS ON THE BATTLEFIELD, AS WELL AS MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AND OPERATIONS!  How Islamophobic of him!!!

*** This little planned payment schedule was obviously ‘hush money'. Well, Awan, go ahead spill the beans…they will probably kill you anyway! ***

Awan booked a round-trip ticket to Pakistan in July and planned to depart Monday, July 24 with a return ticket in six months. He was arrested at Dulles Airport during his attempt to leave.

The Associated Press reported that Awan’s lawyer, Chris Gowen, said Awan “had informed the House of his plans to visit his family.”

Care to know who Chris Gowen is? His other client is Hillary Clinton! Shocking.  So, Wasserman-Schultz then decides to fire him two days AFTER he's arrested at Dulles Airport!  Naturally, reporters were curious as to why he was terminated after his arrest and not after he was found to be ILLEGAL ACCESSING CONGRESSIONAL COMPUTERS, STEALING GOVERNMENT EQUIPMENT, MAINTAINING AN OFF-SITE THIRD PARTY DOWNLOADING NETWORK, OVERCHARGING CONGRESS FOR I-T EQUIPMENT WITH PHONY BILLS OF SALE, AND RUNNING MORTGAGE LOAN DEFRAUDING SCHEMES.

Wasserman Schultz’s spokesman cited Awan’s Monday arrest as the reason for ending his employment on Tuesday: “Upon learning of his arrest, he was terminated.”

The office’s insistence that his termination was prompted by the Monday arrest — and not the House Sergeant at Arms banning him and his wife from touching congressional computers or his six months in Pakistan — suggests that had he boarded the flight without incident he would still be on payroll.

“Does that mean if he had boarded the flight as planned the office would have been paying him for six months while he was abroad?” TheDCNF investigative group asked Wasserman Schultz’s spokesman Thursday. “Why would it do that?” The spokesman did not respond.

Despite her professed concern of stereotyping, all other colleagues who employed Awan, Hina or their other relatives on House payrolls fired them, including Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana, who is Muslim and has criticized Wasserman Schultz for blocking police from examining a laptop tied to Imran.

That laptop was found in an unused crevice of a House office building and seized as evidence by the Capitol Police, but Wasserman Schultz appeared determined to not let police see its contents, threatening “consequences” for the police chief if he didn’t release it. The exchange was captured on video.

Mark my words:  Before all this is over, it will also include names like Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry.  Will it lead to any arrests or even investigations?  No way.  We know how the Swamp operates.  They'll be in full Save the Swamp mode.  Besides, even if an investigation was called for, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins would most likely call for Trump's impeachment, which would act as a buffer for the Dems and knock this story right off the front page.

How stupid!  It would never have made the front page anyway.

Source:  The Daily Caller


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