Washington Post Details “How to Remove Trump From Office”

Washington Post Details “How to Remove Trump From Office”

Liberals like to say that Barack Obama was the worst-treated president in history but compared to the way they're treating Donald Trump, Obama was treated like nothing less than a saint.

This much has been obvious to anybody outside of the left-wing bubble, but in the topsy-turvy world inhabited by progressives, Obama has been left for the hounds while Trump is being sheltered from any and all criticism. Nevermind that Trump has been every nameĀ under the sun even when the reasons given for calling him such are unfounded while the media has bent over backwards to scrutinize even Saturday Night Live sketches that were mildly critical of Obama: it's the latter who has had a rough time!

So entrenched is the hatred of Trump that the forces of the establishment are actively plotting to end his presidency before it even begins, something that the current White House occupant had to deal with.

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