Washington Post: Bring in The Nation Of Islam To Protect Chicago

The Nation Of Islam is notorious for its anti-Semetic and Black Supremacist rhetoric. But Washington Post journalist Armstrong Williams just wrote an opinion peace to suggest that the Nation Of Islam could be used as a tool by Chicago politicians to curb the violence and drug crime that has become so synonymous with Chicago:

The fact is the [Nation Of Islam] brings to the table things other private security firms and the police don’t — credibility within the community. The NOI is one of the few community-based organizations that actually recruit in prisons and also offer transitional services to ex-offenders.

One problem cited by HUD with its Baltimore contract was that the NOI’s hiring ex-offenders as guards. But this was actually a strength — the NOI had cleaned up ex-offenders, taken them off the streets, got them off drugs and instilled discipline before redeploying them in neighborhoods they were known and now respected.

All the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men have given it their best and yet violence in Chicago remains an ongoing tragedy that has shown no signs of abatement. It is time Chicago take the next practical step in partnering with community-based organizations with proven track records of curbing violence and crime.

Source: The Washington Times

Rather than providing the support to other community leaders, the next practical step is to empower known racists and anti-Semites to protect the good people of Chicago? What does Mr. Williams think won't happen next? What happens when Nation Of Islam thugs shoo out drug dealers, turn around, and force Chicagoans to start wearing hijabs or practicing sharia law? If you want Muslim theocratic legislation to make it into the book, this is how you start to do it.



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