Warning: New EPA Rule Allows Feds Onto Land

The ruling is so broad and unrestricted that it opens the door to environmentalist groups spurring feds to intrude on private land that's anywhere near something with “a bed, bank or ‘ordinary high water mark, including ditches.'”

The rule, Combest warned, also includes a reworking of the normal definition of “adjacent,” giving feds control of properties that actually abut water, the Hill reported. Specifically, he said, “adjacent” has been stretched to include “neighboring,” “contiguous” and “bordering,” while floodplain standards have been increased from 100 years to 500 years.

The EPA and Bureau of Land Management have already demonstrated a stubborn eagerness to assert rights over private and State-owned land and this new ruling may make it even easier for idealists to abuse government power.

Doubt that it could happen? Just ask Cliven Bundy.

Source: WND

Photo: Citris



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