Are We at War with China?

Four explosions and the mainstream media is fairly silent.  This is not your average saber rattling, but a full blown show of muscle between two super powers.  Natural News underscores this point:

Now, then, we have FOUR explosions that have taken place between China and the United States, all in the span of just a few weeks. The realization that something far beyond chance is happening here is now inescapable. Clearly, someone is strategically and covertly sabotaging China's industrial infrastructure… and this is all taking place at a time when China is accelerating its selling of U.S. debt while devaluing its own currency (both of which are considered acts of economic warfare by the United States).

There are Chinese warships off the coast of Alaska, explosions in Shandong China and the U.S. Army munitions storage facility near Tokyo, Japan, to China parading its Mach 10 “carrier killer” cruise missile, all seem a part of what Natural News calls “kinetic weapons, currencies and cyber warfare”.

A weapon so secret China would not reveal it for years will make its first public appearance in a military parade on Thursday, Chinese defense experts say.

The so-called “carrier-killer” missile that threatens to reshape the balance of power in the western Pacific is set to wheel through the centre of Beijing along with 12,000 troops and 500 tanks and other vehicles as China marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war.

Are these deliberate acts of war?  Is China's devaluing of its Yuan by 1.9% a means to shock the U.S. economy?

Natural News again reports:

Front #1) Cyber warfare. (Hacking U.S. military personnel records, seizing control over key infrastructure control systems, etc.)

Front #2) Currency warfare. This war is already in full force, and we can expect to see yet more currency manipulations attempts from China that are designed to cause economic carnage across America.

Front #3) Sabotage and kinetic warfare. This is what we have just seen at the U.S. Army base near Tokyo. Watch for more sabotage attacks, explosions and kinetic “coincidences” to occur throughout the remainder of 2015.

America is already at war with China, you see, and the escalation of this war is now evident.

What say you?  Are we at war?  Or is this just a brag fest of  “my missile is bigger than your missile”?




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