War Against Iran Just Became Much More Likely

War Against Iran Just Became Much More Likely

In the Middle-East, what appears to be happening is frequently not what really is happening. Or to put it another way, this is a land of shifting alliances as well as great intrigue. Perhaps that is due to the vast differences among the peoples of that troubled part of the world. But whatever the case, you would be well-advised not to bet your house on a prediction of what will happen.

An example of this is Iran. Keep in mind that Iranians are not Arabs, they are Persians. It is common for those of us in the West to make the mistake of lumping everyone in the Middle-East together as Arabs except for the Hebrews. By so doing, we are already in trouble before we even begin to attempt to analyze what’s going on.

Hence, when people claim they cannot figure out why the Saudis and Iranians cannot get along, it is clear that they don’t even have the basics down. The Saudis are Arabs and the leadership of the country consists of Sunni Muslims. The Iranians are Persians and adhere to the Shi’ite branch of the Islamic Faith. They don’t mix well. And that’s just the beginning of their problems.

The United States has clearly had a better relationship with the Saudis than with Iran for decades. With purported war hawk John Bolton now the National Security Advisor, could there be a war on the horizon between the U.S. and Iran, perhaps with the participation of Saudi Arabia? More on page two.

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