Walmart’s Cameras Run Your Image through Advanced A.I. System

Walmart’s Cameras Run Your Image through Advanced A.I. System

Walmart is installing one of the most high-tech security camera systems on the market. Content-Based Imaging has been in use throughout our legal system and are normally placed in public areas, such as parks. In many cases, crimes are solved or diverted entirely based on their presence.

All of the cameras being installed at Walmart are strategically placed at eye-level, forcing its face-recognition technologies to take hold. Now that we’re all in databases all over the country, at any time, when the government wishes to find you, it simply switches on these special cameras and POOF! Wherever you are, big brother has the ability to monitor you. So does Walmart.

Content based imaging is used to detect a wide variety of objects, from people to vehicles to suspicious packages left behind. Once an object of interest is recognized, the camera has the ability to follow the objects movements, label actions on screen, as well as send alerts to authorities. The video on the next page shows you how it all works.

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