Walmart’s Advanced, Intelligent Facial Recognition Cameras

Walmart’s Advanced, Intelligent Facial Recognition Cameras

When you enter your local Walmart, keep an eye out for the visible part of the latest technology the retail chain has been installing near their doors and throughout the store.

Paging: George Orwell.  Mr. Orwell, you there?

High-tech facial recognition cameras are installed eye level near the entry-ways of their new store fronts, but it’s the software behind these anonymous plastic half-globes that is raising concerns  (see the video on the following page).  Understand, that it isn’t about having anything to hide, these cameras set new a precedent for both personal and business use. These cameras are able to cross-reference your image with online social media networks to match a name with the face, they can learn a great deal more and may be able to track lot of data points. How much the system can record and track is unknown, but in the video on the next page you can see that it not only tracks faces, but can categorize objects and motion:




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