Walmart Store Closing Over $15 Hour Minimum Wage

Walmart Store Closing Over $15 Hour Minimum Wage

It has been said that facts are hard things. In the case of union thugs and the moronic “fight for fifteen” campaign that demands a $15 minimum wage for new workers without skills or an established work ethic, what it means is far fewer jobs and businesses finding new ways to automate. One example is the Wal-Mart store in Los Angeles Chinatown, a depressed area that has few, if any, large grocery stores and limited jobs to offer the citizens of the area.

For many years, the main shopping venues in the Chinatown were high priced liquor stores that carried limited grocery items and convenience stores, also with a very limited range of products. Finally, in September of 2013, Wal-Mart opened a 33,000 sq foot grocery and drug store in the area, and the locals flocked to the store for lower prices and a much better selection of goods. Also drawn to the store were the union hacks who demanded their piece of the pie. The union’s also bused in a union funded “ecology” group who protested against Wal-Mart for destroying the downtown area. Of course the “ecology” group would evaporate once Wal-Mart was unionized, but over 100 Wal-Mart workers preferred a steady job and better prices and selection, so they refused to support the union pressure.

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