Waffle House Refuses to Serve Uniformed Soldier

Waffle House Refuses to Serve Uniformed Soldier

A social media post about an armed soldier who was refused service at a Kentucky restaurant is going viral.

Billy Welch is an Army National Guard soldier. Welch says he always keeps his gun holstered to his side for safety reasons.

Welch says around 1:30 a.m. he stopped at the Waffle House in Nicholsville wearing his military uniform with his gun by his side.

After ordering his food, he said a waitress signaled for him to come over.

“I got up and I walked over to them, asked them how they were doing and stuff, and they said I’d have to take my firearm outside. I don’t feel comfortable taking my firearm away from me. I always keep it with me and they said, ‘it’s one of our policies.’”

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