Vogue Editor Attacks Melania for ‘Lacking Michelle Obama’s Class’

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Vogue Magazine editor, Lynn Yaeger, (and part time Danny DeVito impersonator?) got thrown into a liberal frenzy when images emerged of Melania Trump wearing stilettos to board Air Force One on the way to visit Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Vogue magazine editor named Lynn Yaeger has been trolling Melania Trump’s fashion choices this week after FLOTUS opted to wear heels aboard Air Force One.

Many people probably took her article seriously. Many people probably read Yaeger’s trolling pieces in Vogue and think of her as a fashion expert.

And these people would be wrong about everything except the part about Yaeger being a troll. She is in fact, a living, breathing, troll.

She breathlessly fusses over Melania’s stilettos, complaining the First Lady “is heading to visit them in footwear that is a challenge to walk in on dry land.”

And for context, this is the woman worried over Melania's ability to wear heels in public. She is the red haired creature to the right.

Well-dressed?! WELL DRESSED?! Come again? On second thought, no, no thank you. This is the person critiquing Melania Trump's shoes?!

This should serve as an important reminder to everyone who consumes political garbage written by people in other businesses, like fashion. Check your source. If she looks like a haggard geisha getting off the night shift, she’s probably not a reputable source.

Now, an important reminder for those in fashion. Before you go criticizing others for their outfits, take a look in the mirror. If you ever find yourself:

-In grunge lipstick that looks like it was applied in the dark by Oscar the Grouch, rethink your opinions.

-In red hair that appears to be crazy glued to the side of your head, rethink your opinions.

-Layering more than 3 sundresses on top of each other in the middle of winter, rethink your opinions.

-Walking around in public with your shoes untied (why are they always untied??), rethink your opinions. Especially when those opinions revolve around the dangers of improper footwear.

I am calling this whole absurd affair stilettogate. Now when referencing this hysterically hypocritical liberal meltdown, you know the hash tag and the phrase #stilettogate

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