The View’s Joy Behar Calls Nursing “Not A Real Profession, They Just Wanna Be Doctors”

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The controversial conversation is related:

After co-hosts Michelle Collins and Joy(less) Behar aired a segment where they ridiculed a nurse who participated in the Miss America contest, the embattled gabfest found itself consumed by social media blowback, which eventually resulted in the loss of five major advertisers: Johnson & Johnson, Eggland’s Best, Party City, Snuggle and McCormick.

Wednesday, in the hopes of containing the fallout, the women offered an on-air apology. According to Nicole Arbour, a guest co-host, the apology was far from sincere. She claims that after the apology, while the show was not on the air, the ladies went right back to trashing nurses, ‘Yeah, that’s not a real profession. They want to be doctors.’

Boy, one hopes Joy is never stuck in the hospital where 99.9% of your care comes from nurses.  Most people are knowledgeable about the different classes of nurses, and Miss Colorado is a RN (Registered Nurse).  In our prestigious Universities usually its attached to a hospital, where the medical students are schooled-where they start out as “medical students” and progress into internships, to residencies, and one day as MD's.  What may not be widely known is that it is the RN at these teaching facilities who are “overseeing” the would be doctors.

There is a line from a “Grey's Anatomy” where the Chief of Surgery is walking around the new students saying “…and always listen to the nurses, they know more than you do”.  The RN is responsible to check the doctors orders-if they see a mistake in dosage, or in interaction it is on the RN to correct it, notify the Doctor.  If the RN gives the dosage that the doctor wrote and it is wrong, it is the RN who will also be up for malpractice to lose possibly their license.  In major University hospitals, especially in ICU's-it is the nurse who is calling the code, starting life saving measures, giving the IV drugs needed-yes way before the doctor gets there-if they waited most would be dead.

So Joy, your day will come.  Here's hoping you do a better apology tour.

The nasty, catty, snobby, elitism of “The View” is finally coming home to roost.

So full of themselves, so desperate for “controversy” and out-of-touch with the everyday woman, not only are the show’s ratings in the dumpster, the co-hosts are now openly and gleefully insulting those who dare not be elites — you know, like those dumb hicks who become nurses as opposed to mouthy hens on a low-rated talk show.

Our cable packages are paying for shows like “the View”.   Aired on ABC, it still receives money based on these “bundled packages”.  Maybe it's time for “the View” to go from our view, America.  We know their “view” and it sure isn't pretty, and their babble is ignorant.  Time to go.

Source: Breitbart News



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