The View on BuzzFeed’s Trump Hit Piece: ‘It Doesn’t Matter if This Is True or Not’

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed published a “bombshell” report that claimed that Russia had tapes of Donald Trump engaging in crude sexual activities while on a trip abroad, among other things. Most legitimate news sources have debunked the report, but the women of The View aren't letting it go:

“If any of this is true, and is found to be true — and the FBI is currently investigating it, they’re doing their job — this is very problematic because the allegations are there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” [Jedidiah] Bila said “And if you remember, a lot of people that opposed Hillary Clinton opposed her because they felt because of the email leak that she was potentially compromised.”

“Now many of those people all of a sudden don’t have a problem with any of these stores,” she said. “You know what? Question everything right now.”

“For me, it doesn’t matter if this is true or not, and for this reason,” Sara Haines said. “I am not a proponent for fake news, but if for one second, Donald Trump finally gets the severity of letting a foreign power come in and now the story is against him, I think it would be worth it. Because right now, Russia is proving how easy it is to divide this country. You plant one seed and it goes like wildfire.”

Rarely does a show undermine its own credibility so succinctly. By claiming that it “doesn't matter” if something is true, the women of The View are simply confirming what we already know. They stopped being sensible long ago. Now, they're nothing more than a mouthpiece for the lowest ranks of the Democrat party.

Source: The Daily Caller



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