Video Uncovered Showing Student Throw Chair at Teacher’s Head

While many criticize the actions of cops in campus arrests, very few see the actions of the students with whom they must interact.

Video has surfaced from 2011 of a high school student cussing out his teacher and threatening to throw a chair at her during class. The clip also showed the student throwing M&Ms at the teacher and threatening to hit her in the face with a bag of them, as well as demanding she sit down in her chair.

In light of the incident, many associated with the video have tried to put distance between the video and current school administration.

Alumni of the school say the video was shot in 2011, and all the students seen in the video have since graduated or left the school.  Students are not wearing the required school uniform in the video and many of the alumni believe that this was a special class being led by a substitute teacher.

This kind of evidence is no doubt underreported and critical in combatting the anti-cop rhetoric that has the media has perpetuated. Without it, good intentioned cops will continue do be demonized by those who would rather kill cops than seek the truth behind their actions.

Source: Breitbart


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