VIDEO: Passengers Beat Thief

VIDEO: Passengers Beat Thief

Note to thieves: Seattle train passengers are tired of putting up with your harrassment. Go home. Get a job. That way you won’t get beaten up by your intended victims.

Security cameras captured video of bus passengers in Seattle fighting back against a suspected robber, grabbing what apears to be a handgun before wrestling the man to the ground. Ninteen-year-old Trevonnte Brown was allegedly walking through the bus demanding passengers hand over their wallets and cell phones when one of his victims decided to fight back.

Getting robbed on the subway or bus is every commuter’s worst nightmare. I have often wondered what would happen if someone tried to rob me on the train. Would I be able to overpower my attacker? Would complete strangers join in and help me? Maybe I should move to Seattle where it is clear that bus passengers do not take any crap from armed assailants.

Watch the video and revel at the power of everyday citizens helping fight crime, one bus thief at a time.




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