Video: CBS ‘Manipulated Coloring’ to Make Steve Bannon ‘Look Bad’

Video: CBS ‘Manipulated Coloring’ to Make Steve Bannon ‘Look Bad’

Bannon destroyed old school globalist shrill Charlie Ross on 60 Minutes. But, thanks to the Fake News Industrial Complex’s usual debauchery, none of the liberal sheep fired up enough brain cells to pay attention to the words coming out of Bannon’s mouth.

It’s all about what’s perceived to be on the outside to these ‘woke’ liberal economic nationalism hating progressives.

Here are just a few of the comments these lovely “can’t see color’ PC “not racist” liberal Trump haters left following Bannon’s brilliant rebuttal against the left’s campaign to paint economic nationalism as white supremacy or Nazism.

“It almost looks like someone drew a mouth and eyes on a hemorrhoid.”

“He should wear a tin foil hat to cover his whole face then maybe people will be able to pay attention to his incoherent drunken rambling.”

“99% of Trump supporters are ugly like frog ass like Bannon.”

“Is anyone else creeped out by Bannon’s neck? Looks like the gerbil he shoved up his ass while drunk is trying to claw it’s way out the side of his neck.”

“Gross he must blackout every night on booze and windex to be looking the way he looks”

“Bannon got red eyes and bruxism from all that coco and fire water”

“Did somebody fart on your pillow? Why does it always look like you got pink eye man?”

These comments aren’t very tolerant and the reason for this is Bannon gave the Trump hating regressive progressives little to no ammunition. He was a gentleman and intelligently defended his perspectives and the President’s agenda while denouncing the false white supremacy allegations.

CBS knew they were in big trouble when they saw the unedited recorded interview with Bannon. So, instead of pulling the interview and face embarrassment. They decided to rely on the shallowness and stupidity of their followers.

Professional photographer Peter Duke published a video this morning explaining how it was obvious to any media professional that CBS rigged the lighting and editing to make Bannon appear very different from what he really is. Continue to the next page to view the stark contrast between the unedited stills and the CBS maliciously edited final versions in this shocking video

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