Video Catches Cop Spraying Mace At Passing Bikers

Video Catches Cop Spraying Mace At Passing Bikers

When law-abiding citizens are treated like common criminals, can we really say we live in a free society?

Perhaps so, but it’s getting increasingly hard to defend this proposition as video after video shows American citizens doing nothing wrong yet being singled out for mistreatment by law enforcement. There are always bad apples of course, but how many bad apples can there be before they spoil the rest of the bunch?

Take the case of several bikers traveling down a highway in Fort Worth, Texas. Despite their imposing appearances, the bikers are recorded driving peacefully and responsibly as they pass by a police car that had just stopped a truck.

As the motorcycles pass by, the cop exits his vehicle, wielding what appears to be mace. He watches the bikers for a couple seconds before he raises his hand and inexplicably sprays the mace at them, something that could easily have caused an accident.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but many were upset, including the Fort Worth police, who promptly pulled the cop from patrol duty.

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