Veteran Fired For Saluting The American Flag

Veteran Tom Aue just wanted to honor the flag when he heard the National Anthem playing at the ball field. His job as a ticket taker came to an end, according to him, because he paused to place his cap over his heart. Owner Clint Brown told Aue to keep scanning tickets. It appears that Aue must not have done as he was told, because he offered Brown the scanner.

Brown also said that he could never be “unhappy” over “somebody who takes a stand on wanting to salute the flag.” Still, Brown defended his business decision on how to handle the gate

Claiming that this was a safety issue, Brown said that they were willing to find Aue a new position, but Aue's side of the story is that he was fired.

But the team owner is quite incensed at claims that he fired the elderly veteran.

“I’m not just gonna stand here and take this. We did not do anything wrong,” Brown said while defending his practices.

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