Venezuelan Militia Drives Armored SUV Into Crowd of Civilian Protestors

Civil unrest has spread to the capital of Venezuela where tens of thousands of residents have turned out in a massive protest.  President Maduro has called up the troops to confront the protesters and in a horrific display, dissenters can be seen being plowed into by an armored militia SUV.  A video captured the terrible situation.  Amazingly, the driver appears to then back up over a body that is lying in the street.  Viewers should be warned that there is graphic footage.

The civilian-militia clashes have become more frequent in the last three weeks and appear to be rising toward a culmination that may see the fall of the Presidential Palace to resistance fighters.  Maduro has been brutal in his resolve to crush the people and this is apparent by the militia's behavior toward its citizens that it would normally be charged to protect.

The Maduro-led government in April seized the General Motors factory without notice and this has caused much distrust between Venezuela's leaders and other companies that run businesses in and around the capital.  BBC television has been following the clashes on a daily basis and the following video addresses some of the demands of the citizens in regards to Maduro's newest assault on the people:

Socialism in Venezuela appears to be on the verge of implosion and the United Nations must act quickly if it is to salvage any sort of remediation with an unreasonable President Maduro before mass genocide takes place.




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