Vandals Destroy 225-year-old Christopher Columbus Monument

The violent left has found their latest monument they wish to destroy — a monument to the man who helped the West discover the Americas. Christopher Columbus has long been a target by social justice warriors, and now they have destroyed the oldest monument made in his honor.

Vandals smashed a 225-year old monument to Christopher Columbus in Baltimore early Monday morning. The edifice is documented as the oldest still standing in the nation dedicated to the explorer, the Baltimore Brew first reported.

The monument is located directly across the street from Herring Run Park, northeast of Lake Montebello. It was built by Frenchman Chevalier d’Anemours, or d’Anmour, at Belmont, his 50-acre estate near Harford Road and North Avenue.

Watch video of the vandalism below:


Source: Daily Caller



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