The VA Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

The individuals testifying before Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs this past Tuesday all have one thing in common, they spoke out against abuses in the VA system and have now experienced retaliation for it.

All over the country, it’s the same story,” said Shea Wilkes, a whistleblower from the Overton Brooks medical center in Louisiana. “It is absolutely amazing how each of our situations are unique, but how the retaliation is so similar. It’s like the VA leaders have developed a book on how to retaliate.”

One man, Troy Thompson, was fired — “by removing him for eating old sandwiches”.  Another, Brandon Coleman, was removed for “unrelated misconduct, allegedly having conflict with another employee.”

Joseph Colon, an employee at the VA Caribbean health care system in Puerto Rico, had his whistleblowing case settled in July. Yet despite the settlement, retaliation continues. Colon initially reported physicians practicing without licenses, travel voucher fraud, unfair hiring practices and negligent which resulted in the death of veterans, among many other issues.

The chairman of the committee, GOP Sen. Ron Johnson, told chairman whistleblowers that they have bipartisan support, as new whistleblowing cases surface each day.

Source:  Daily Caller



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