VA Hiring Manager: “Thank God” We don’t have to Hire Veterans

One would think that an agency founded on caring for America's veterans would, well, care for America's veterans. But recent scandals have shown otherwise, most notably the Phoenix VHA hospital that allowed 40 patients to die while awaiting medical care.

Recently, The Daily Caller has uncovered a 2014 deposition from a hiring manager discussing whether veterans are given hiring preference by an agency sworn to protect those veterans.

A Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hiring manager said in a sworn deposition “thank God” they don’t give veterans hiring preference for well-paying jobs.

The statement came when a VA dentistry chief was asked if being a veteran helps someone get a dentist job in the agency. His response was “not really. And thank God,” The Daily Caller News Foundation recently discovered in a court filing.

Being a scout master in the Boy Scouts would do more to help someone get a top job at the VA than serving in the armed forced, Dr. Gonzalo Solis Sanchez of the VA Caribbean Medical Center said.

He was speaking in a July 2014 deposition in an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint brought by a dentist who is a veteran.

“Title 38” refers to the pay-grade for doctors working in VA. A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation previously found that, although government-wide, veterans are supposed to be given hiring preference, and VA boasts that one-third of the people it hires are veterans. This is misleading: At VA, vets usually get the worst, lowest-paying jobs — the only job reserved exclusively for veterans is janitor.

One cause is a provision in the union contract that says preference must be given to current federal employees — union members — for higher-paying and easier jobs, preventing them from even being advertised to the public unless no current VA employee wants a promotion.

That leaves only the jobs at the bottom of the totem pole available for veterans, the sole reason for the department’s existence.

Although the VA does claim that about 1/3 of its employees are in fact military veterans, these are among the lowest-paying jobs in the organization.  When the only  job held exclusively for veterans is to be a janitor at VA facilities, it is safe to say that our government is not keeping its promise to repay its debt to our brave men and women.

Source: The Daily Caller



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