VA Gov. Declares State of Emergency Because “Armed Militia Groups Plan to Storm the Capitol”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has issued an executive order banning all firearms and weapons on the Capitol Square and surrounding areas in anticipation of thousands of gun owners, including militia, marching on Richmond on January 20th’s “Labor Day” protests.

Northam specifically listed personal protective gear such as helmets and shields as weapons in his order. Of course, these rules don’t apply to the armed state employees who will confront the protesters.

For a governor who has lost the trust of a majority of his counties and many of his citizens over his gun-grabbing ways, this announcement could not have come at a worse time.

With tens of thousands of angry people now ready to flex their Second Amendment rights in a march on Richmond, labeling them as racists intent on killing will not go over well.

It appears as though Northam is truly afraid of his own constituents, and there are now reports of defenses being hardened around the capitol itself. In one image, workers can be seen erecting barricades for next week’s protest.

Northam is making a big gamble here, possibly a bigger one than he realizes.

The governor is not asking but demanding with the full power of his office that protesters worried about his stance on guns disarm themselves.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a gaggle of a few hundred that can be corralled by police, but many thousands of citizens who are willing to brave below-freezing temperatures and long drives to show their resolve to keep Second Amendment rights strong.

For Northam, the best-case scenario is that everyone shows up without a gun, parades around for a bit and then calls it a day.

What happens if people, thousands of them, do show up with lawfully held firearms? Northam faces a choice here, and none of the outcomes are pretty.

If he orders his police to stand down and not engage those bearing arms, the citizens win. They would have arrived, proven that the Second Amendment was a check against government overreach and headed home while Northam faces humiliation.

On the other hand, there’s confiscation.

If authorities are ordered to seize any firearms citizens bring, what happens when those same citizens refuse? In other words, how far will Northam go to ensure his authority remains unchallenged?

Source: Western Journal

Image: VCU Capital News Service


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