USC Students Required To Submit Sexual History Before Registering For Classes

While the American government continues to make privacy a relic of days gone by, it shouldn't be a surprise that American colleges would follow their example. A mandatory online course at the University of Southern California or USC for all of you Trojan fans out there, has asked students to answer questions that are really none of their business, including the number of sexual encounters they've had over the past three months and how to properly ask for consent. This mandatory online course is being called “Title IX training” and must be completed in order to register for spring courses.

USC is just one of many colleges that require students to complete the “Title IX” course, but with this being the first semester it's been put in place, several students feel it is far too intrusive. And they're right. School officials promise that the course is fun, all while basically making the assumption that every student in their school is a sexual predator of some kind.

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