US Trained Syrian Special Forces Turn On America, Join Up With Al Qaida

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on Obama.
Short answer: They defected. All of them. Obama got played like a cheap ukulele.

Division 30, the touted group of American-trained Syrian fighters, betrayed the United States, turned over its arms to Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaida affiliate operating in Syria and joined up with the enemy. Certainly they can help al qaeda train just like Americans now.

Thanks Obama.

The U.S. Central Command said in a Monday statement that roughly 70 graduates of the “Syrian Train and Equip” program had re-entered Syria and would be fighting under the “New Syrian Forces” moniker. Then they all vanished.

Surprise! They joined up with al-Nusra members. al Qaida openly claims that Division 30 joined the rebel group.

“al-Nusra members are giddy with excitement, with assertions that Division 30 commander Anas Obaid “had tricked the coalition because he needed weapons… [and] promised to issue a statement repudiating Division 30, the coalition and those who trained him.”

Source: Daily Caller

So, how does one distract from such seriously bad news and complete failure?

How about insulting the Pope? That should do the trick.





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