US Steps Up Proxy War With Russia

From the meeting with Kerry and the Foreign Ministers from Saudi Arabia and Turkey:

“They pledged to continue and intensify support to the moderate Syrian opposition while the political track is being pursued,” the State Department statement said.

There are virtually no “moderate” proxy forces in Syria and the war against al-Assad is waged almost entirely by radical Sunni Salafist groups determined to establish a principality ruled by Shari’a law in Syria.

Talks on how to support the overthrow of the Syrian government began on Friday.

The announcement came after Secretary of State John Kerry met with Saudi King Salamn in Riyadh. Kerry also met with his counterpart from Turkey in Vienna.

In May Saudi Arabia and Turkey announced they will work together to further support Jaish al-Fatah (Army of Conquest), a coalition of jihadi groups in Syria, including al-Nusra.

The U.S. previously stated it was opposed to working with Jaish al-Fatah. Kerry’s latest talks, however, reveal the U.S. is now willing to admit it now supports al-Nusra, at least tangentially.

In early October it was reported the Saudis had increased weapon transfers to jihadi groups in Syria. In late 2013 Saudi Arabia purchased 15,000 Raytheon TOW anti-tank missiles at a total cost of more than $1 billion and transferred the weapons to Jaish al-Fatah.

United States regulations prohibit third-party weapons transfers, but the State Department has thus far remained silent on Saudi Arabia giving al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliated groups sophisticated anti-tank missiles.


News from the current movements in the action to overthrow Assad:

Jaish al-Fatah [Sunni Islamists] launched an offensive in July to take neighboring Latakia and Hama provinces. Latakia is home to the al-Assad family. The Tartus province lies south of Latakia. The Russians have a naval facility on the Mediterranean in the province’s capital city.

On October 14 the Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies at the University of Miami claimed Cuban troops have joined Russian, Iranian, Lebanese Hezbollah and possibly Chinese soldiers assisting the al-Assad government.

This has the makings of a World War.  To think this started with the Clinton doctrine, by some scheme to prop up Hillary Clinton's (and Obama's) credentials, to make history so both of their egos could claim “they freed the Middle East”, and take their seat at the leftist progressive table of legends.  Like Che, Mao, Hugo Chavez and Castro.  When these “progressives” who are truly Communists start dabbling in schemes, every time we see death, destruction, and toward the end no one remembers why any of this ever started.

Source: Info Wars



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