US Caves to North Korean Pressure, Cancels Exercise


Hostilities between North and South Korea break out often without turning into an all-out-war.  This recent crisis however, resulting in two South Korean soldiers being wounded, has escalated to the place that South Korea is “blasting propaganda” across the border through loudspeakers, which in turn has led to the North attempting to blow up some of the speakers.

Breitbart reports,

Whatever military analysts are seeing right now, it has apparently convinced them North Korea is serious about escalating the situation further. Friday morning brought reports that dictator Kim Jong-un had “reviewed and approved” a “final attack operation,” whatever that means…

Meanwhile South Korean Defense Minister defends the action. 

Han Min-koo, defended the loudspeakers as a legitimate response to the North’s landmine attack, and said the North will face “searing” consequences for further aggression, promising that “this time, we’ll cut off a vicious circle of North Korean provocation.”

Park Geun-hye, the South Korean President, visited a command post on Friday after canceling a scheduled event, hoping to calm and her “nervous people”.  There must be something of significance to this particular “saber rattling” event that has led to such a response.

An updated report has been issued.  Read more here at Breitbart.

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