Unreleased Memo: Russian Agents “Within The Democratic Party” Involved in DNC “Hack”

Are the Democrats the paragons of virtue who would never collaborate with Russian interests in trying to influence a campaign? The question brings up laughter and derision. Hillary would have collaborated with Martians if it would have gotten her elected. Recall that we remain persuaded that she believed that serving as the first female president of the U.S. was both her destiny and birthright.  So, anything goes.

Now we learn that it was the Democrats who were playing footsie with the Russians. The very thing they accuse President Trump of doing. Can you say hypocrite?

Shortly after WikiLeaks released emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on July 26, 2016, former UK spy Christopher Steele filed a memo with his employer, Fusion GPS, claiming that the DNC “hack” during the 2016 election involved Russian agents “within the Democratic Party structure itself,” The New Yorker reports.

On July 26, 2016, after WikiLeaks disseminated the D.N.C. e-mails, Steele filed yet another memo, this time claiming that the Kremlin was “behind” the hacking, which was part of a Russian cyber war against Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Many of the details seemed far-fetched: Steele’s sources claimed that the digital attack involved agents “within the Democratic Party structure itself,” as well as Russian émigrés in the U.S. and “associated offensive cyber operators.”

The unverified claim was contained within a multitude of memos compiled by Steele on behalf of Fusion GPS, which was conducting opposition research on then-candidate Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

A lot of this we’ve heard before. So what else can ZeroHedge add?

Of note, the 35-page “Trump-Russia” dossier used in part by the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant on one-time Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was comprised of seventeen of Steele’s memos – including one which alleged that Trump had paid “a number of prostitutes to perform a ‘golden showers’ (urination) show in front of him,” which would defile a bed that Barack and Michelle Obama had slept in during a state visit – an allegation attributed to four individuals’ second-hand reporting.

The shocking claim comes amid recent reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing criminal charges against Russian hackers allegedly behind the breaches of both the DNC and John Podesta’s email.

Now there are some familiar names and some bizarre claims. And note that we see Mr. Podesta allegedly involved in this.

And questions can be asked about Mueller’s conduct of this investigation and any agendas he might have. For example:

Meanwhile, as we have been reporting, Mueller has yet to even reach out to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, or New Zealand entrepreneur Kim Dotcom – who clearly knew of the upcoming email leaks before they were dropped. While Assange has heavily insinuated it was DNC staffer Seth Rich, Dotcom has gone “all in” over the last few months – tweeting that he knows Seth Rich was Wikileaks’ source, Rich used a memory stick, and that Dotcom himself was involved.

And here are the tweets that have stirred up the controversy.

Boom! If true, this opens a real can of worms, not the least of which are questions about Mr. Rich’s death.

Even Donna Brazile is singing like a canary.

As Josh Caplan of TGP notes, In Donna Brazile’s book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House,” the Democrat operative admits the DNC allowed alleged Russian hackers to steal data from the party’s servers. From the Daily Caller:

Donna Brazile says in her new book the Democratic National Committee (DNC) went against professional advice and sat idly for a month while Russians stole data because primaries were still underway in a number of states.

In May, when CrowdStrike recommended that we take down our system and rebuild it, the DNC told them to wait a month, because the state primaries for the presidential election were still underway, and the party and the staff needed to be at their computers to manage these efforts,” Brazile wrote in her new book, “Hacks.”

“For a whole month, CrowdStrike watched Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear operating. Cozy Bear was the hacking force that had been in the DNC system for nearly a year.”

Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear are cybersecurity firms that have reported ties with Russian hackers. Both groups are blamed for the hacks on the DNC in 2016. CrowdStrike is a private U.S. cybersecurity firm that oversaw the protection of the DNC’s servers.

So, if Mr. Mueller wishes to get to the bottom of what happened during the 2016 elections, he has a lot of work do to in investigation alleged Democratic malfeasance. Malfeasance that actually did involve Russian meddling.

Let’s see how objective the special prosecutor Mueller turns out to be.

Source: ZeroHedge



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