The United States, Russia, The Skunk and the Weasel

The United States, Russia, The Skunk and the Weasel

In a fight between a skunk and a weasel, no-one wins, and the smartest thing to do is to take appropriate evasive actions.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration is perhaps the most inept in dealing with foreign affairs in recent memory, and so we keep ending up in the middle of a mess.  That is especially true when considering the debacle currently unfolding between Russia and Turkey, with the U.S. getting dragged into the middle.

And there are some who simply believe that it has nothing to do with ineptitude and that Obama is intentionally empowering ISIS and encouraging the conflict in order to weaken the U.S. and diminish our international stature.

Who can forget when Obama Administration Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who assures us of her bonafides regarding international relations, famously pushed the “reset” button with Russia, declaring to the U.S. and the world that we were now friends and had nothing to worry about from Russian aggression?

It turns out that Vladimir “Bad Boy” Putin is actually a throw back to the days of the KGB, but with better manners.

He is quickly setting his sights on expanding Russia’s global bootprint and obtaining some much needed real estate and energy stocks, as evidenced by his kid glove handling of Ukraine.

Vlad is not a big fan of NATO, of course, and would rather see the neighborhood rid of the pact.

Turkey, of course, is a member of NATO, and therefore an “FIB” (friend of Barack), which would especially make sense given that Turkey is over 90% Muslim.

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