The United States of Kanye



With exception of Hillary Clinton, there are few people in the spotlight who makes themselves look stupid as often as Kanye West. And the saddest part about his announcement is the fact that people would actually vote for him.

The Associated Press reports from Air Force One the White House has announced it is anticipating the rapper’s bid for president.

Josh Earnest, Obama’s press secretary, said he looks “forward to seeing what slogan he chooses to embroider on his campaign hat.”

The Hill went so far as to suggest the candidacy of Donald Trump has opened the door for a West presidential bid.

Millions of politically ignorant Americans would undoubtedly vote for West and celebrate Kim Kardashian as First Lady.

The world’s greatest living rockstar (a self-proclaimed title) cares little about what’s best for America and a lot about what’s best for himself. As if this country isn’t already on a crash course with doom, putting Kanye in office would only hasten America’s demise. Let’s hope the people aren’t that stupid.




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