United Nations Attacks Trump, Then Quickly Retreats

We're used to taking a bunch of abuse from the United Nations and its committees and working groups.  It would seem that the main purpose of the U.N. is to beat up on the U.S. while ignoring deplorable behavior by other nations. But even the U.N. has limits on the degree to which it will intervene in the affairs of the United States. And it would appear it just stepped over one of its own lines.

The United Nations is in full panic mode, after they Tweeted a message urging American voters to defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump in the November elections.

Campaigning doesn't get any more obvious than that. It would seem that an organization funded by U.S. tax dollars is using that money to run a campaign for a particular candidate for president.  However that must have been too much, even for the meddlesome bureaucrats at the U.N. because, “[t]wenty minutes later, the shameful Tweet was deleted.”

The official news service of the United Nations has deleted a tweet urging “8 million Americans abroad” to “stop” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to a new report.

The United Nations News Centre posted and then quickly erased the message late Thursday, Politico reported.

The tweet pressured American expats to share a voter registration tool on a website that states, “U.S. Citizens abroad could defeat Trump … if they voted,” it said.
The web page is reportedly for the activist organization Avaaz and sports the title, “The October surprise that will end Trump.”

“At a time when Trump is trying to divide us, we could help defeat him if we all share this page with EVERYONE,” the site reads. “Let’s reach every U.S. voter abroad.”

Politico said Avaaz’s website allows users to sign up for help registering voters ahead of Election Day and urges them to recruit friend as well.

The initial tweet featuring the link was deleted within 20 minutes of its publishing around 9:14 p.m. Thursday night, it added.

With the United Nations’ views on Israel, America, and human rights, there’s no question that a vast majority of United Nations bureaucrats and officials are deeply offended by Trump’s staunch defense of America.

Perfect. As offensive as the United Nations is to us, we've found something, or in this case someone, to offend them in return: Donald Trump.

Whatever you may think of The Donald, it is fun to offend the U.N. and its leadership.


Here is a screenshot of the deleted tweet:



Source:  The Political Insider



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