Union Fires Its Own Workers For Trying To Organize A Union

Union Fires Its Own Workers For Trying To Organize A Union

One thing is certain when dealing with the left: they love making rules and tell other folks what to do, but those rules never seem to apply to them.

A good example is the global warming conference taking place this weekend in France. Attendees will be flying in by private jets spewing tons of carbon dioxide, driving in giant motorcades, and living the opulent, resource gobbling lifestyle they are used to, but they will also be asking you to drive less, conserve more, and  shorten your shower to three and a half minutes in order to help save the planet. Of course they will see no hypocrisy there.

The same is true when it comes to labor unions. They claim they are in it to help “the little guy,” to protect the worker, and to make sure everyone gets a fair shake. Unions also want to hold the greedy, heartless business owners accountable and make sure they share their “ill-gotten” profits with abused workers, with the union brass scraping off a heaping portion for themselves.

But a strange thing happened when a group of union employees for the United Food and Commercial Workers International (UFCW) tried to set up their own union.

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