Unfit Women Sue Police Department Due to “Unfair” Fitness Tests

While many women have attempted to prove their merit among men with hard work and diligence, 12 women of the Colorado Springs Police Department have attempted a different strategy.

After failing the mandatory fitness tests, the women were removed from theĀ field and were reassigned to office work. Rather than train and attempt the test again, they decided to sue to CSPD because the tests were “unfair.”

These women seemingly don't understand the meaning of the word “equality.” Not only are they asking for special treatment because they are women, they're also putting the integrity and effectiveness of the police department itself at risk.

By attempting to lower the standards of the police department for women, they are creating an inherently less able, less capable force to fight crime. In spite of this, it seems the unfit women are more concerned with their own selfishness than the actual job itself.

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