Undercover Video Demonstrates How The Vatican Actually Treat Migrants

The Arab reporter grew his beard and nails to look more the part, pretending to need help for himself and his two kids. Neither priests nor Vatican representatives seemed to care.

The result of the broadcast of this report has created growing outrage amongst the Italian population towards Pope Francis in the last few days. Italian blogs, Tweets and Facebook accounts are posting in demonstration of a Pope and his Church who “shut the door,” proving Pope Francis’ promises to be just convenient lies.

This report demonstrates once again that this Pope is a “great actor,” as his fellow countrymen and Argentina’s leading investigative journalist, Horacio Verbitsky, once said. The Arab reporter for LA7 tries over and over again to follow the Pope’s advice, but the religious people and priests he encounters close their doors, and their hearts.

A representative of the Sisters of Charity of Saints Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa Bartolomea, known as Holy Child Mary, actually escaped in front of the journalist, despite clearly stating on their website: “I will help more than I can the poor. Will endeavor to get to know those who are truly in need, and to these I will make them feel more widely my charity.”

Now you know the truth as in John 8:32, “The truth will set you free” especially from the lies of a Jesuit Pope who should be asking forgiveness to God on the subject of “shutting doors” not on behalf of us, but on behalf of his Church, where hypocrisy continues to flourish.

In the meantime, the play continues to unfold as Obama follows the Pope’s call to do more for the refugees, by reaffirming this, in his speech at the UN General Assembly on September 27th, which officially paves the way for Agenda 2030, where false promises will be abundant and taxes plentiful.

Since the election of Pope Francis, the activities of the Catholic church have become overly political. Not only are they pushing progressive idealism, but they’re being hypocritical about it, as well. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Source: infowars.com



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