UNCOVERED: 13 Devious Clinton Cover-Ups

UNCOVERED: 13 Devious Clinton Cover-Ups

Look back at Hillary Clinton’s career – really dig – and you’ll find an appalling series of schemes and scandals well-concealed by a sympathetic media and forgotten by a misdirected public.

Clinton’s devious misbehavior ranges from morally indefensible to actions experts say warrant major jail-time. The problem is, the Clintons are experts at orchestrating rather complex schemes to line their pockets and sell out their country, meanwhile obstructing legal investigations.

In the following pages we’ll take you on a tour of the skeletons that have tumbled out of Hillary Clinton’s closet. See how many you recall and pay attention to the details. Often, the strategy of distraction and misinformation the Clintons employ means the ugliest details only come out long after the public has stopped paying attention.

Recently, even the U.S. Justice Department seems caught up in the web of cover-ups protecting Hillary from investigation. The DoJ has failed to comply with subpoenas to produce documents that could implicate Hillary in felonious wrongdoing!

Brace yourself and see how many of theseĀ Hillary scandals you know about. Each one is a powerful reason to be thankful she failed to win the Presidency!

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