Unbelievable Demands Made by Black Lives Matter Students

The demands made across 37 college campuses by BLM motivated students are for the most part ludicrous.  From forced apologies, (an oxymoron), to “acknowledged racism” are found in these lists.   The following examples were put together by professional protesters Johnetta Elzie and Deray McKesson. They have a website called demands.org that shows demands made at various student protests.

Here are some crazy demands for your reading pleasure:

  1. University of Toronto protesters went all out and demanded a free education for “black and indigenous students”:Implement free education for Black and Indigenous students. As a result of years of colonization of Black and Indigenous people, the University of Toronto is a beneficiary of the twin project of:
    a. Dispossessing Indigenous people of their land; and
    b. The slave labor of the Americas, responsible for enriching Britain and its colonies.
    c. In recognition of this history and in its resultant responsibility, the University of Toronto should ensure free admission to Black and Indigenous students.
  2. University of Ottawa protesters specified a “therapist of color”:Therapist of Color to be hired at the human Right Centre.
  3. UCLA protesters demanded an “Afro-house”:The creation and support of a UCLA Afro-house. Many Black students cannot afford to live in westwood with the high prices of rent. An Afro-house would provide a cheaper alternative housing solution for Black students, that would also serve as a safe space for Black Bruins to congregate and learn from each other.
  4. Berkeley protesters demanded a building be renamed for a convicted terrorist fugitive on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list:WE DEMAND that the name of Barrows Hall be changed to Assata Shakur.
  5. Guillford College protesters demanded forced apologies from everyone:We demand that school administrators, professors, staff, and student leaders acknowledge their racism, be it overt covert or passive.

Just a few crazy thoughts, from some sincere, perhaps, but confused college children.

Source: Breitbart



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