UN Vaccines Sterilize 500,000 Women in Kenya

Billionaire Bill Gates really likes helping people from poor countries get vaccinated. But many are saying his motives may not be all that pure. In fact, many believe that this globalist, along with the United Nations, is conducting a massive depopulation effort.

People on the left and the 0.001% love to talk about how all the people on the right are racists and hate poor countries. But, it would seem that this is all just a cover-up for what the globalist leading the “progressive” left are actually doing to people of color.

The scandal first started to break when Agriq-Quest Ltd, a Nairobi based pharmaceutical company got into a heated dispute with the Kenyan Ministry of Health over the vacancies they were giving young women. These vaccines were innocent enough sounding in and of themselves, but what was being found added to them was a completely different story.

Head on over to the next page to learn what is really going on behind this sickening blatant attempt to poison people of color.




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