UN To Usher in Global Court This Month Under Guise Of Climate Change


united nations climate change

Diabolical forces are joining to change your life and your grandchildren’s life forever.  Most Americans are glued to their smart phones, distracted by the sick culture of “me”, while one of the most important events in over 100 years that will affect generations adversely is set to begin in less than a month.

This December, 2015 in Paris the world will meet to discuss and attempt to ratify a program which has been in works since at least 1992.

The Paris Climate Change conference is set to implement a “global court” to enforce its climate change regulations.

In 1992, Rio de Janeiro, at the Earth Summit, Agenda 21 was introduced.  Since that time, our nation and world are on a collision course to institute a one world government, as President George Bush announced in 1992.

This sounds like conspiracy theory, until you immerse yourself in the language and documents on the UN website.  Until you realize that climate change is an unsubstantiated theory, and the real goal for the leftists, is a Marxist collective society.

This world court, located and controlled by the UN, is taking the first steps to control every aspect of your lives-land ownership is one of the biggest issues at stake.  The goal is to have “stack and pack” housing, to obliterate suburbia, where buses, trains and bikes are the means of transportation.

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