UN Dossier Reveals MASSIVE Number of Rapes Carried Out By UN Workers

Many people dislike the United Nations. But few have better cause for disdaining this globalist socialist experiment than the recent revelations claiming the organization has turned a blind eye to the rape of over 60,000 women and children over the last 10 years.

A WHISTLE blower has claimed UN staff could have carried out 60,000 rapes in the last decade as aid workers indulge in sex abuse unchecked around the world.

The claim is in a bombshell dossier that former senior United Nations official Andrew Macleod handed over to DFID Secretary Priti Patel last year.

In it, Professor Macleod also estimated there are 3,300 paedophiles working for the world body’s various agencies alone.

Thousands more “predatory” sex abusers specifically target aid charity jobs to get close to vulnerable women and children.

Former UN official Andrew Macleod claims this scandal dwarfs that of even the Catholic Church.

The respected academic said: “There are tens of thousands of aid workers around the world with paedophile tendencies, but if you wear a UNICEF T-shirt nobody will ask what you’re up to.

“You have the impunity to do whatever you want.

“It is endemic across the aid industry across the world”.

“The system is at fault, and should have stopped this years ago.”

And the most damning thing is that both Western governments and the United Nations are covering-up these crimes.

Apparently to the ever so tolerant and ‘woke' leftist socialists, the rape of women and children in 3rd world countries don't matter.

Strong evidence exists to suggest the information provided in these report is reputable. Even the UN admits their is validity to the stats.

The professor’s grim 60,000 figure is based on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s admission last year that UN peacekeepers and civilian staff abused 311 victims in just one 12 month period over 2016.

The UN also admits that the likely true number of cases reported against its staff is double that, as figures outside of war zones are not centrally collated.

This dossier, however, has not been taken seriously though by many.

Based on evidence from Prof MacLeod, ex-Cabinet minister Priti Patel – who resigned in November last year – today accused senior officials at DFID of being part of the cover up.

Ms Patel said senior DFID staff tried to talk her out of making a critical speech about aid workers’ sex abuse, arguing that it was only by UN soldiers and to claim otherwise was “over-stepping the mark”.

Which is sickening, to say the least.

Prof MacLeod insisted that meant the “difficult truth” that “child rape crimes are being inadvertently funded in part by United Kingdom tax-payer”.

He added: “I know there were a lot of discussions at senior levels of the United Nations about ‘something must be done’ but nothing effective came of it, and if you look at the record of whistleblowers, they were fired.

“We are looking at a problem on the scale of the Catholic Church — if not bigger.”

Britain is one of the top 10 contributors to the UN budget, handing over £2bn a year

Why are we still supporting the UN blindly? If there were ever grounds for pulling out of the UN or demanding more transparency, this would be it.

But, no “feminists” and ‘woke' individuals can only be bothered to attack men for asking them on dates or trying to kiss them without reading their “nonverbal body cues”.

Source: Sun

Image: The Sun



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