UN Chief Threatens Trump, Promising Expulsion

Many of the GOP House members and a few of the GOP Senators are no friend to the United Nations.  The reasons for this are myriad and range anywhere from the unconscionable amount of money that the United States contributes to the overall UN budget of $8B a year to its clearly anti-Semitic views and actions.  But make no mistake:  there are many supporters in our government, both high-ranking Democrats and Republicans, who would rather push back against any and all cuts to the 193-nation body headquartered in New York City.

The sickening facts surrounding the United Nations' ability to play up to a very compliant Leftist media when it comes to funding are almost too much to bear without losing your dinner.  Business Insider, an avid and constant cheerleader for the United Nations, was keen to note that the all of the funding that the United States provides is actually a really good deal!

But when it comes to UN programs — UN peacekeeping in particular — the US already gets a pretty good deal.

US funding for the UN and its agencies adds up to a little over $4.5 billion a year — the cost of about two B-1 bombers — according to an analysis by the Center for Global Development.

US government estimates have also found that relying on UN peacekeepers is beneficial to the American taxpayer.

In Haiti in 2004, a coup prompted the US to deploy military forces to avert a potential refugee crisis. After the initial intervention, the Bush administration convinced the UN to field peacekeepers.

“We estimate that it would cost the United States about twice as much as the United Nations (UN) to conduct a peacekeeping operation similar to the current UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti,” which was called Minustah, the Government Accountability Office wrote in a 2006 report.

Yes, but what else did those “savings” to the U.S. budget get us? Or rather, what did they get Haiti?

Glad you asked!

UN aid workers from Nepal were identified as the source of a cholera outbreak which killed over 10,000 Haitians and sickened hundreds of thousands more. Yet the UN claimed diplomatic immunity and refused to provide compensation.

Wow! Now that's the kind of quality that money just can't buy! And in this case, it didn't!

And now, the United Nations Chief is threatening the United States with the forfeiture of its vote in the General Assembly if it cuts its funding to a point where it is detrimental to the body. Read more about the White House reply to the UN over its threats on the following page.

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