UK Politician Claims He Thwarted Illuminati Plan Open ‘Portal To Hell’ via Large Hadron Collider

UK Town Councilor Simon Parkes claims he and the rest of a group of “mind warpers” stopped the Illuminati from using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to open a portal to Hell.

The LHC is a 17-mile long tunnel located in Geneva, Switzerland, used to smash particles together in order to replicate conditions during the Big Bang. The machine was built to confirm the existence of the Higgs boson, shed light on the nature of dark energy and possibly detect extra dimensions.

Conspiracy theorists believe scientific experiments at the LHC are a cover up for a much more mischievous plan. According to them, in actuality, Satan is using the LHC as a way to open a portal to the gates of hell. Once evil demonic forces embedded in an alternative dimension spill over into our universe, they will wreak havoc on the entire planet.

Some conspiracy theorists speculate that the LHC could summon divine judgment, since the machine is a modern day form of the Tower of Babel.

Once the Illuminati became aware of [Parkes'] plan to construct a mind warp, they switched off the LHC at around 3 a.m. on August 15. Insiders tipped Parkes off that the Illuminati was about to restart the reactor. In response, Parkes and his team sent a telepathic wave of positive energy which prevented the portal from opening.

Source: Prophecy News

Town Councilor Parkes is being painted by the mainstream media as a quack conspiracy theorist and generally strange man. But they avoid discussing the true nature of the LHC. Hidden by arcane scientific language, the true purpose of the LHC has never been satisfactorily revealed and the Illuminati have ensured that little public oversight is kept on the machinations of CERN, where the LHC is based. We may have to give Parkes a sincere thanks for saving the world from certain doom.


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