UK Police Stops Sharing Info with U.S. After Leaks to NY Times

UK Police Stops Sharing Info with U.S. After Leaks to NY Times

The New York Times has struck again. According to law enforcement authorities in the United Kingdom, the NYT published photographs and the name of the Manchester bomber based on leaked information from the Minister of Defense's office or the Manchester police department.

Whatever the source of the leak, the fact is that English authorities have become disillusioned with American handling of information in such a cavalier way.  Just have a quick look at the Leftist viewpoint of “leaks” and you'll realize that the English are now experiencing the same level of frustration that is hounding the Trump administration.

However, there is a very significant difference between the leaks in the Manchester bombing case and the leaks associated with the Trump administration.  The information that has been attempted to be protected by English authorities is that which damages the Progressive-globalist narrative that Islam means peace.  Prime Minister May and the members of the Ministry of Defense, as well as local authorities, are dead-set on keeping the din of anti-Islamic rhetoric to a dull roar in the wake of this horrid, despicable and cowardly act of Muslim terrorism.  Their entire story is supposed to follow the path of PC talk in ensuring that no one thinks for one moment that this is a normal act of terror for Islam, but an isolated incident that just so happens to occur every single week in some form or another.

The one problem with that line of thinking is that no one is buying it.  Even knowing that English polls in reference to Islamic radical terror indicate that the people are completely fed up with the acts of cowardice, the reaction by the politicians, and the bend-over-backwards mentality of the Liberal press to soften the horrible message of Islamic hatred toward the West, May and her cabinet and Parliament members continue to vociferously hold to the “peace” narrative, which is utter fantasy.

When you think about the leaks involved here in the United States, we're talking about high-level Deep State shadow weasels burrowed into our government like parasites, placed there specifically by Obama before he departed office, whose whole mission is the destruction and disruption of the Trump presidency, you realize the stark difference between the two.

Here, the New York Times has published information that English authorities attempted to sublimate due to political expediency and ideology, rather than in an attempt to keep suspects in the dark about the investigation thus far.

There are a few things to take into account as to why the NYT opted to publish this information.

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