U.S. Navy Says No To Michelle Obama’s Intrusion Into Their Diet


Is Michelle Obama abusing her influence? Absolutely. Her healthy food program has already been proven wildly unpopular in the nation’s public schools. Knowing this, why would they push it on the men and women who protect America from a very real threat?

Oh, wait, it’s because President Obama doesn’t believe ISIS to be a real threat. After all, he’s under the impression that he has it all under control. Or perhaps this is all part of his great plan to weaken America. While that might be a stretch (even for him), this is a real slap in the face to those who would and possibly will die for our country.

While Michelle Obama pushes her healthy food program on the Navy, she doesn’t seem to be losing any weight herself. She seems to be enthusiastically present at every dinner she’s invited to, and with a full plate of food.

Sailors are not happy about the change, and have taken to the Navy Times’ Facebook page to discuss the issue. Many are accusing Michelle of abusing her influence to promote her own twisted eating habits.

“First the kids, now the troops,” one user wrote.

“Is Michelle Obama now playing big sister to the military?” another chimed in.

If the past seven years have shown us anything about the Obamas it’s that when it comes to destroying America, failure isn’t an option. It’s like that old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Except in Michelle Obama’s case it’s if at first you can’t eat that cupcake, try eating five . . . and then punish America.

Source: americannews.com




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