U.S. Navy Comes Forward With Intention Toward Officer Who Fired Back At Chattanooga Terrorist


In short, after national outcry, the Navy states that nobody is being prosecuted.

The Navy is still investigating the shooting, where a lone gunman attacked two separate military facilities. The shootings resulted in the deaths of four Marines and one sailor.

Last week, the Navy countered reports that White would be charged, which spurred a national backlash. “At this time we can confirm no service member has been charged with an offense,” the Navy said in a statement.

It also faced a backlash over why troops at “soft” military targets such as recruiting centers — which are often in easy-to-reach places like shopping malls — were not allowed to carry weapons, and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter directed a review to determine how security at these types of facilities could be improved.

Source: military.com

Good to see that White will not be charged, but the Navy is not going far enough. To fully address the national outcry, and give credit where credit is due, Lt. Cmdr Timothy White should be regarded as a hero. Give the man a medal, something. Completely reverse the despicable position you initially took and hold White high as an example of the excellent men and women in our armed forces.



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