U.S. Military to Permit Soldiers to Crossdress

U.S. Military to Permit Soldiers to Crossdress

In the old TV program MASH, a comedy/drama depicting a mobile medical unit serving during the Korean war, one running gag was a soldier who would cross-dress with the intent of getting out of the military.

The premise was flipped on its head last week as Defense Secretary Ashton Carter declared that transgender Americans are now welcome in the military. It seems that the service is now a social experiment, and that the disruption to our military readiness that this will cause is secondary in importance to the need to accommodate these socially unbalanced individuals.

In addition to the disruption, there will be a significant cost as transgender members of the military request gender reassignment surgery at a cost of $80,000 to $100,000. The Obama administration has clearly chosen to emphasize and support this preposterous program to the detriment of our military. It is one more reason why Obama should have been impeached long ago.

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